<title>Fine Art Storage & Services</title>Fine Art Storage & Services

Fine Art Storage & ServicesFine Art Storage & Services

With three warehouse locations and multiple types of storage offerings, our team of account managers works with clients to design storage solutions suited to their needs. Highly skilled technicians are ready to assist with installing, rigging, packing, lighting, and general art handling projects both in-house and in the field.
<title>Custom Crating & Packing</title>Custom Crating & Packing

Custom Crating & PackingCustom Crating & Packing

Maquette crating offers a full spectrum of packing and crating options to meet any budgetary or conservation requirements. Our crating managers can work directly with clients to design efficient packing specific to each artwork. Beyond basic painting crates, our craters have experience with museum conservation level packing for textiles, ceramics, paper, sculpture, organic fiber, and oversized/heavy objects.
<title>Fine Art Transport</title>Fine Art Transport

Fine Art TransportFine Art Transport

Transporting fine art objects is a hallmark of Maquette. The company’s origins derived from fine art transport and installation in the New York area. We have always been proud of our ability to provide this sensitive and essential service.