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Facility ServicesFacility Services

Maquette’s facilities offer the supportive services needed to assist in managing fine art collections. We provide shipping and receiving, TSA screening capabilities, and sizable gallery viewing rooms.


Our loading docks can handle any size vehicle up to a 53-foot trailer with a sleeper cab. All of our facilities are equipped with heavy lifting machinery to allow for safe and easy loading and unloading of trucks.

Each dock is staffed by a Dockmaster ensuring the proper labeling and handling is executed throughout the receiving and releasing process. All loading areas are separate from our storage units.

With proper notice we have the ability to receive and release assets from all of our facilities at all times of day and night. We have fully automated 24/7 surveillance and security system in place.


Our Flagship facility in New York provides two large viewing rooms. Viewing space is with 13’ ceiling clearance.

Our viewing rooms are ideal for exhibiting artworks to clients, as well as general examinations of objects or photography documentation.

Each viewing room is equipped with a Pantrac lighting systems and adjusted to the clients lighting preferences. Rooms are rented by the a half-day and full-day with in-house art handling labor available upon request.


Maquette Fine Art Service’s New York location is a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) capable of screening small or large volumes of cargo.

Our capabilities include traditional physical search via fine art technicians with experience in handling priceless artworks as well as Explosive Trace Detection capabilities in scenarios where the contents are too sensitive to be opened up and unwrapped.

Direct airport delivery is available, utilizing Maquette’s fleet of fine art specialized vehicles.