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The art storage industry has gone essentially unchanged for many years. However, with the advent of new technologies, methods and changing customer needs, it is ripe for redefinition. At Maquette, we see this as an opportunity to create a new standard for art storage that meets the needs of both clients and their artwork.

The old models that came with the “mom and pop” sized businesses have kept storage prices artificially low. It does not make sense when comparing the cost of storing records or even general storage to the cost of storing art with the old-line providers.

Why should it cost less to store a priceless work of art than a dusty old box of legal records?

The only reason is that the art services industry was started by artists and others who were operating as “lifestyle” businesses and kept prices low by offering sub-par storage and services.

Maquette Fine Art Storage Facility in New York

Maquette Fine Art Storage Facility in New York

Companies in the late 90’s redefined the records storage industry. Prior to that time, records were typically stored by small, local operators with little in the way of professional services. This changed when companies began to offer inventory management and other services that gave customers confidence that their records were being properly handled. The higher prices charged by these companies eventually became justified by the value of the services provided.

When looking for a fine art storage company, it is important to find one that provides excellent service. The cost of storing artwork should be higher than the cost of storing household goods or old files because more costs are involved in ensuring the artwork is safe and secure.

By finding a company that offers excellent service, you can be sure your artwork will be taken care of properly.

Have you found a fine art storage company that provides excellent service?

If not, let us know, and we would be happy to help.

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