November 15

If you work in the fine art industry, you know that shipping and transporting artwork can be a delicate process. Traditional wooden crates are often used to protect paintings and sculptures during transit, but they can be expensive and difficult to reuse. Reusable crates have been pitched as an environmentally-friendly alternative, but the need to ship empty crates to locations where they are needed offsets the positive environmental effects. The solution lies in a new hybrid, combining the best features of traditional wood crates and reusable crates, making it a versatile option for art transportation.

This ‘middle-way’ has been at the heart of the Maquette Crating Sustainability Program. This program focuses on providing the best possible packing while providing ecologically mindful options.

Our program is implemented in two parts:



Through a collaboration with OneTreePlanted we plant a tree for every crate or travel frame we build. We also plant trees whenever we transport crates or objects via our vehicles.

OneTreePlanted is a non-profit organization devoted to global reforestation by partnering with the ground organization specializing in reforestation in different regions of the world to promote a healthy mix of tree species.

As part of our commitment, we are constantly looking at new ways of reducing our effect on the environment.



Our Maquette Crating Program offers clients a reusable crating system specifically for institutional outgoing loan programs. Instead of building a new crate/s for each outgoing loan, we can rent time in one of our reusable crates. Travel frames are fitted into inserts that slide in and out of our reusable end-load crates. (see image) The inserts bolt into place and lock the travel frames in place during transit.

This allows for multiple uses of the crates eliminating the disposal of crates after a single use. This, in turn, saves the foam and plywood from heading to the landfill. The institution is left with a travel-framed object eliminating the need to find storage space for larger empty crates. This system also reduces the cost that no longer needs to be passed on to the borrower.

As space is at a premium, and material prices seemingly always find more reasons to rise, we intend to help institutions find solutions to best serve their collections and demands.

Maquette Crating is committed to providing our clients with the best possible packing solution while being mindful of the Earth. We believe that using sustainable materials and techniques can provide a better product for our customers and lessen our environmental impact. Our team takes pride in finding new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle so not only is the earth a safer place, but that your items are safe during transport.

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