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Connecticut StorageConnecticut Storage

Our Connecticut facility is located 1 hr 45 min from NYC and 2 hours from Boston, The facility's central location allows for easy access to any long term storage asset.

Our 28,000 sq ft facility is constructed of masonry and insulated metal panel exterior with steel I-beam supports.

The building has a ceiling height of 18 feet and a 15-foot clearance, providing plenty of space for safe and secure fine art storage.

At this facility, we can offer two loading docks that can handle any size truck or trailer. All loading areas are separate from storage.

The building is constructed with a high level of safety and security and is completely protected from any environmental disturbances.

The facility provides 24/7 climate monitoring and security controlled by a state-of-the-art combination of various detection devices.

Climate is controlled by rooftop-mounted HVAC units providing cool and warm air. The humidification unit maintains relative humidity at 50%.

Our custom-coded inventory software, designed specifically for fine art logistics, allows the clients to feel confident in the organization of their collection.