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New York StorageNew York Storage

Located in the heart of Long Island City our facility provides full-climate open storage, private rooms, and housing our crate shop, two sizable viewing room, and a large meeting/conference room. The building has been approved by the major insurance providers in the industry.

The facility has 24/7 Central security system with a combination of sensors, detectors, and alarms installed throughout the building.

NY facility is a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) capable of screening small or large volumes of cargo.

Full climate control and security systems ensure our client’s assets are stored in a secure and environmentally safe manner.

We have created spaces that allow clients to store valuable items in a safe and environmentally friendly. We offer both open managed storage spaces and private spaces that allow customers to design storage strategies according to their needs

Maquette’s custom-coded inventory software is designed specifically for fine art logistics.

Hallways and insulated interior walls provide complete isolation of all climatized storage areas.

The site was carefully selected to avoid any hazard zone or a body of water that can overflow its boundaries.