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About Maquette:


The word Maquette is defined as a small preliminary model or sketch. Our philosophy has always been to maintain the idea that we were always at the beginning. The concept of a beginner’s mind is the development of a mindset that is willing to see everything as though it is for the first time. This ensures that our work and its methodologies always focus on the client’s best interest.




Our New York City, New Haven, and Boston facilities are purpose-built to suit the unique needs of the fine art market. We proudly offer clients comprehensive services supported by two crating and packing shops and three viewing rooms between our New York and Boston locations. State-of-the-art climate control and security systems ensure our client’s assets are stored securely and environmentally safe.


With three warehouse locations and multiple types of storage offerings, our team of account managers works with clients to design storage solutions suited to their needs. Maquette’s custom-built inventory software ties our storage program and services into a cohesive unit, ensuring data and location accuracy and facilitating client confidence in the stewardship at the heart of Maquette’s storage program. Highly skilled technicians are ready to assist with installing, rigging, packing, lighting, and general art-handling projects in-house and in the field.

Storage – Environments 


Our HVAC systems provide heating and cooling through forced air distributed by an engineered system of ducts. This provides a complete mixing of the air equally throughout the facility. The evaporative humidifiers are designed to provide humidification throughout the system, allowing for total control of the environment. 


Each of our storage facilities is equipped with multiple units to provide redundancy in the event of any equipment problems. Temperature and humidity are monitored by our security system and digital sensors, which are hard-wired throughout the building, providing another area of redundancy to identify any possible issues. Any deviation from the programmed ranges these units are set to operate at is immediately detected by both alarm systems (security and climate), and staff is immediately alerted.  


Storage – Security and Fire Protection


Each facility is protected by DGA’s UL/AA Central Station-rated security system. The system employs a combination of magnetic contacts, sonic sensors, break glass sensors, passive infrared motion sensors, water detection devices, and local audible alarms. 


The system also includes a large array of high-definition cameras with a cloud-based data storage bank. Monthly reports are prepared by DGA that indicate which MQT employees have accessed the space and are available for inspection. If there is an alarm, DGA notifies Maquette personnel and the local police department. 


The fire systems are monitored regularly by AFA Protective Systems and are tied to the central station alarm. All of our systems have been installed according to UL standards. Fire extinguishers are located throughout each facility and are regularly inspected. Maquette has developed detailed general facility reports (based on the standard GFR template created by the American Alliance of Museums) for each location. Please inquire for a copy or further information.


Storage – Viewing Rooms


Maquette facilities also provide usable working space and viewing rooms. Our Flagship facility in New York provides two large viewing rooms viewing space with 13′ ceiling clearance. The rooms are equipped with Pantrac lighting systems and adjusted to the client’s lighting preferences. These rooms are ideal for exhibiting artworks to clients and general examinations of objects or photography documentation. The rooms are rented by half-day and full-day with in-house art handling labor available upon request. 


TSA Screening Capabilities


Maquette Fine Art Service’s Matsil location is a Certified Cargo Screening Facility capable of screening small or large cargo volumes. Our capabilities include Explosive Trace Detection capabilities allowing packed sensitive contents not to be distributed or unwrapped. When necessary, a traditional physical search via fine art technicians with experience in handling priceless artworks can be performed.



Maquette offers a range of crating options and custom packing solutions to meet budgetary and conservation requirements. Crating managers work directly with clients to design crates specific to each artwork, with additional considerations including transit method, frequency of use, and museum conservation best practices, all to ensure safe packing for textiles, ceramics, paper, sculpture, organic fiber, and oversized/heavy objects. Our team gives clients unrivaled individual attention, enduring accurate and prompt estimates for costs and dimensions.

Maquette also has a specialized packing team that complements the crate shop in-house and joins the field techs to lead highly technical projects.   

Reusable Crating Options

Our Maquette Crating Program offers clients a reusable crating system specifically for institutional outgoing loan programs. Instead of building a new crate/s for each outgoing loan, we can rent time in one of our reusable crates. Travel frames are fitted into inserts that slide in and out of our reusable end-load crates. (see image) The inserts bolt into place and lock the travel frames in place during transit.

This allows for multiple uses of the crates eliminating the disposal of crates after a single use. This, in turn, saves the foam and plywood from heading to the landfill. The institution is left with a travel-framed object eliminating the need to find storage space for larger empty crates. This system also reduces the cost that no longer needs to be passed on to the borrower.

As space is at a premium, and material prices seemingly always find more reasons to rise, we intend to help institutions find solutions to best serve their collections and demands.


Crating – Extra

Maquette is currently participating in a museum crating research study to evaluate and further improve protection against temperature change and vibration while providing greener solutions. This research has informed our crate design for maximum efficiency and value for our clients.



Transporting fine art objects is the cornerstone of Maquette. Our establishment as the premier fine art transporter is built on a foundation of our ability to provide this sensitive and essential service. Currently, we have 20 vehicles between our offices in New York, Connecticut, and Boston. Each vehicle is staffed with two technicians and equipped with the fine-art transport specifications of climate-controlled interiors, air ride suspension, and GPS tracking. In addition to local transportation and exclusive-use trucks, we service New England and the Tri-State Area via our weekly shuttle service.


Maquette specializes in the detail-oriented, hands-on installation of all art forms, from framed photographs and paintings to multimedia works and sculptures. Blending experience with the precise science of installation, our process considers every detail, from the choice of hardware to the final placement of the work.

Maquette provides installation services in both private and public environments. We work with museums, galleries and various collectors. Regardless of the size of the project, we ensure that it is properly evaluated and planned, resulting in a beautiful and safe execution.

Additionally, we offer a full range of rigging options as part of our services. Our team can plan and coordinate your unique rigging project, from simple gantry lifts to full crane hoists. Maquette practices the highest level of care to ensure the safety of the artwork and the surrounding area, working closely with the client in each planning stage. As part of our services, we obtain all the proper paperwork and permits needed to perform any substantial rigging operation.




Sustainability is a key part of Maquette’s operation, and our partnership with the non-profit organization OneTreePlanted is part of our expanding list of green initiatives. Our clients are active participants in this endeavor, as a tree is planted for each crate constructed and every service booked. 


Our commitment to a greener future goes beyond this single partnership with OneTreePlanted. Maquette actively reduces our ecological footprint by choosing lumber suppliers for crating (specifically by purchasing from vendors accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council® and members of the SFI® Sustainable Forestry Initiative) and our recycling practices. We are proud to support Materials for the Arts, an organization that distributes materials and supplies to New York City’s public schools. 

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